Trail Mixes

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Trail Mixes

Hand blended, responsibly sourced energy dense nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits and an occasional sweet.
You can mix and match your own ingredients to come up with your own that’s perfect for the trail.
The combinations are endless!

222464  Mixed Nuts Fancy Dry Roasted Salted
222733  Mixed Nuts No Peanuts Roasted Un-Salted
222005  Mix Nuts Brittle
      7207  Cascade Mix
      7210  Athlete’s Mix
      7231  Energy Mix
      7212  Mango Fruit Mix
      7211  Cranberry Health Mix
      7214  California Mix
      7218  Natural Gourmet Mix (Unsulphered)
      7216  Mixed Fruits
      7217  Paradise Mix
      7219  Rainbow Mix
      7237  Natural Chocolate Trail Mix
      7238  Chocolate & Yogurt Trail Mix
      7239  Cowboy Trail Mix
      7240  Festival Trail Mix
      7241  Runner Trail Mix
      7242  Sunset Trail Mix
      7243  Harvest Trail Mix
      7244  Grand Canyon Trail Mix
      7245  Island Blend Trail Mix
      7246  All Lite Trail Mix
      7247  Hike Long Trail Mix
      7248  Tropical Trail Mix
      7249  Western Trail Mix
      7250  White Mountain Mix

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